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The North Park Planning Committee (NPPC) meets monthly (except December) on the third Tuesday of every month
Meetings: 6:30 pm
North Park Christian Fellowship
2901 North Park Way
San Diego, CA 92104

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Anyone who lives, works, or owns property in North Park.

Our motto is, "If you want to know, you have to go" and we'd love to see you at our next meeting. Please join us in making North Park a great community.

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The North Park Planning Committee (NPPC) represents the citizens of North Park by providing a forum to discuss, explore, question and monitor land use and development issues.

We provide advisory recommendations to the City regarding projects in the community and are recognized by the City as an important part of the approval process for new development and services. The more participants, the more influence we have on the future of North Park: how it will look and what it will include.

See our Meetings page for Agenda and Minutes

The NPPC offers many ways for you to get involved!

  • Attend the monthly General Meetings.
  • Learn how City government operates and how its decisions affect North Park.
  • Hear City representatives, prospective developers and community members present their vision of the future of North Park.
  • Ask questions and voice your own opinion about matters before the NPPC.

If you also want to receive communications regarding issues affecting our community, complete the Planning Committee Registration Form. The form is also available at the NPPC General Meetings. The area covered by the NPPC is illustrated on the maps page. You must attend one General Meeting between September and February to vote or run for a Board seat in the March General Election.

Get Involved! Subcommittees of the North Park Planning Committee

Everyone who lives or works in North Park is encouraged to participate. General Members have voting rights on the Subcommittee after attending three Subcommittee meetings. Board members have voting rights any time. Subcommittees meet on a monthly basis to discuss matters that will be brought before the full NPPC. Discussion topics may originate from the City or from residents and business owners. The North Park Planning Committee consists of three subcommittees:

See our Meetings page for Agenda and Minutes

Urban Design/Project Review
Meets 1st Mondays, 6:00 pm
Peter Hill (Chair) 619-846-2689
TBD (Vice-Chair)

Urban Design reviews existing and upcoming planning, zoning, and design and development issues. It also provides community members, developers and public planners a platform to present conceptual ideas and seek recommendations from the subcommittee. The subcommittee and attending general public have the opportunity to provide feedback intended to help guide projects to an appropriate cohesive final proposal. Participation in this committee is not only an important way to have your voice heard, but also an exciting way to see what the future might hold for your neighborhood.

Project Review provides recommendations to the NPPC on projects submitted to the City that require the community input. These are typically projects asking for variances, deviations, map and tentative waivers for pre­existing conditions, and more. For complex projects, the applicant may make two or more visits to this committee before a final decision is reached. It is recommended that members of this committee visit the sites of the proposed projects so that they may clearly understand the impact to the community. Public and committee comments often help the applicants produce a better project prior to being heard at the NPPC general meeting. Attending the combined Urban Design/Project Review subcommittee is one of the best ways to have a say on the future of your community.


See our Meetings page for Agenda and Minutes

Public Facilities, Transportation, Parks & Public Art
Meets 2nd Wednesdays, 6:00 pm
Eduardo Velasquez (Chair)
TBD (Vice- Chair)

Public Facilities identifies public facility needs and makes recommendations regarding parks and open spaces, libraries, law enforcement and fire stations, streets, bike lanes, sewer and water lines, storm drains, power lines, schools, etc. Subcommittee goals include creating more Joint Use Agreements, keeping the community informed about canyon maintenance and environmental projects, providing a forum for discussion about the proposed changes to Balboa Park, and participating in the creation process of a Branch Library in North Park.

Transportation advises the Planning and Traffic Departments of the City of San Diego and the Third District City Council member on North Park traffic, parking and public transportation issues. The subcommittee has identified and prioritized various traffic problems that need calming measures, including pedestrian crosswalks near parks, requests for stop signs and numerous traffic calming measures at various locations.

Public Art works with the City of San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture's Public Art Program which oversees the inclusion of public artworks in Capital Improvement Program projects and Redevelopment projects, advises on the acquisition, placement, maintenance, or removal of public artworks on City-owned property, and provides public art planning, education and outreach.


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